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The Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School Committee recognizes and respects the right of parents or guardians to educate their child(ren) at home.  The school committee appreciates the personal and cultural uniqueness of each family and desires to ensure that the process by which school officials approve and review home education programs is both lawful and equitable. 

Parents or guardians planning to undertake a home education program for their child shall inform the Superintendent by completing and submitting the
Notice of Intent to Pursue a Program of Home Education form prior to commencing a home education program.  The School Committee requests that these forms be received by the Superintendent prior to August 15.

Please be reminded that a year-end report of each student's progress must be submitted to the Superintendent's Office annually by June 15.  In accordance with the Home Schooling Policy IHBG, progress can be shown in any number of ways:

Daily logs, journals, progress reports, portfolios or dated work samples;
An independent report made by someone acceptable to both superintendent and parent(s)/guardian(s)
Standardized test results
Consultation with the superintendent or appropriate school principal
Any other method agreed to by both superintendent and home educator(s)

The progress report may be sent via mail (STGRSD Superintendent's Office, 86 Powder Mill Road, Southwick, MA 01077), dropped off at the Superintendent's Office, or sent via email to [email protected]

Home education students are not eligible to participate in curricular programs and will not be eligible to receive a high school diploma from the District.

Students with an approved home education plan are eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities. Please contact the school for more information. 

Click Here to access The Notice of Intent to Pursue a Program of Home Education Form, which is contained within the policy IHBG Home Schooling

Уведомление о намерении продолжить программу домашнего обучения

Повідомлення про намір займатися за програмою домашньої освіти

Thông Báo về Ý Định Thực Hiện Chương Trình Giáo Dục Tại Gia

Aviso de Intención de Seguir el Programa de Educación en el Hogar



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