School Safety

In partnership with the Town of Southwick, all District schools are served by
School Resource Officer Kyle Sanders
School Resource Officer Sanders

The Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District uses the Massachusetts State Police Community Action Team Enhanced Lockdown Protocol for school safety. 

Throughout the year, all schools in the District will have practice drills on important safety protocols. These protocols include shelter-in-place, lockdown and evacuation. Occasionally there has been the need to implement one of these protocols in response to an event. Shelter-in-place is the most common protocol implemented because it is an effective method for stopping movement in the building in the event of a medical emergency or other situation. Below is a guide to provide additional information for parents and guardians. Please be especially aware of this information when you are a visitor to any of the school buildings.

Seek safety within the building you already occupy. Students remain safely in their classrooms with their teachers, doors are closed and locked and learning continues. No one is allowed to enter or exit the building. When it is determined by administration that it is appropriate, shelter in place is lifted.

Example: Medical emergency in the building (ensures that hallways are clear for emergency personnel to move freely throughout a building), emergency outside of the school building, weather emergency

Similar to shelter-in-place with heightened state of awareness for both students and teachers.

Example: A direct threat within the school or on the campus

Evacuation: All students, staff and visitors leave the building through the nearest and safest route to designated gathering areas.

Example: fire, gas leak in building, school bus accident

Reunification: A predetermined practice for accountable reunification of students with their parents or guardians in the event of a school crisis or emergency. 

What can families do?

1. Contact Information. Make sure your student's emergency contact form on file in the school office is up to date and you have designated someone to pick up your child in the event that you are unavailable. Students cannot be released to anyone not listed on the emergency card.

2. Be patient: In the event of an actual emergency, school officials, in partnership with local authorities will be focused first on student safety. Reunification is a careful and slow process and takes time. If an actual reunification is needed, it would take place after any emergency or crisis has concluded. 

3. Communication: If an emergency occurs, the District will contact families with information via the ConnectEd system.

For more information, visit the Massachusetts Task Force Report on School Safety and Security.


Careful Planning is the Best Way to Ensure Schools are Safe Places to Learn

Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District