STGRSD hosted an informative community event, “Social Media Apps: Safe and Risky Use,” presented by the Hampden County District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Board in collaboration with the DA's Community Safety and Outreach Unit, on Tuesday, April 23 at Southwick Regional School.  Attendees were provided with an overview of popular social media applications used by youth, safe and risky use of those applications, how predators can present themselves online, and how parents/guardians can manage and monitor social media activity and encourage safe use.  

Another element of the presentation focused on drug and alcohol prevention and the role that social media plays in this.  For example, emojis are being used in conjunction with illegal drugs.  In addition, fake prescription pills are often sold on social media and e-commerce platforms.  Click here to view the Emoji Drug Code Decoded information from the Drug Enforcement Administration.  One of the handouts at the event was the Hampden District Attorney's Guide for parents/caregivers on Massachusetts Social Host Liability regarding underage drinking and marijuana.  To learn about the MA Social Host Law, click here

During the event, the District Attorney's Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members/SRS seniors Magnolia Dickinson and Mia Dulchinos presented, and they were accompanied by YAB members/SRS sophomores Bridget Carrier and Josh Raymond, all of whom offered their perspectives and answered questions.  The District Attorney's Online Safety Resources are available on this link or via the QR code (above).    


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